The future of Probiotics

Probionova aims at taking probiotic research to the next level.

Discover what we can do through probiotics.

We develop new concepts and applications from probiotics to improve human health.

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Bacteriocin-producind Probiotics

Do grasp the opportunity to exploit the antimicrobial action triggered by the bacteriocins produced by our exclusive strains.

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The future of Probiotics

We firmly believe that biological science, and especially probiotics, will have a broader pharmaceutical application range in the future, though the chemical synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients currently holds the stage in this sector.


We would like to contribute to the progress of knowledge in the scope of probiotics, aiming to provide factual evidence on their therapeutic effectiveness.


Our goal is to develop clinical evidence-based probiotics with pharmaceutical-grade production volumes for therapeutic applications.


We can select the best strain or synergy of available strains in order to provide our customers with top quality standards.

About us - What we do

Probionova represents a new entity in the scope of human microbiome R&D. Our company mission is to improve health through the development of new probiotic-related applications.

Probionova has a leading scientific standing in the research and development of new probiotics through a wide network of qualified scientific contributors, highly specialized in their areas of research interest, ranging from applied microbiology to clinical medicine.

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Latest News

Find the latest news about Proionova and human microbiome R&D

PROBIONOVA is attending the 12th European Innovation Summit

Probionova and ARCHES - Advanced Research Centre for Health, Environment and Space - are the main organizer of the digital session entitled Microbiome, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence. The Future is Now. What's Next?, to be held on 10th...

Probiotic night by Probionova SA

Dear follower, together with some friends of probiotics we organized a small evening event for Monday 9 September in Rome after the scientific congress Probiotics, Prebiotics and New Foods. We are delighted to invite you to enjoy a moment of meeti...

Probionova SA proud member of IPA

Starting February 2019, Probionova SA become a proud member of the International Probiotics Association (IPA)! IPA is a global non-profit organization bringing together the probiotic sector’s stakeholders including but not limited to academi...

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